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ServoTrack can save you time and money.

Find cheap fuel prices in NSW, QLD and WA using ServoTrack on your smartphone.


Learn How You Can Save
Radius Search for Fuel Prices

Step 1: Shop Around.

ServoTrack helps you find the cheapest petrol stations near you.

Typically save 15c/L by finding the cheapest petrol station in your area.

That's $216 you save per year! *

Save Even More



* If you fill up 40L, 3 times per month.

Step 2: Shop Smart.

Save 25c/L by filling up before price hikes.

Typically that is $200 - $500 of savings per year, depending on how often prices jump.


So, how can you beat price hikes with ServoTrack?

Fuel Price Intelligence

See Trends At A Glance.

Is it the right time to fill up? Get answers in the Intelligence mode!

See price charts and bargains tailored for your local area, even in rural NSW, QLD & WA.

See the price history at any service station.

Get this feature and more with a $1.49 monthly Pro Pack subscription, available inside ServoTrack.

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Fuel Price Notifications

Get Alerted.

Never miss a price hike.

Be notified when prices start to go up, drop below your preset amount, or when a new bargain appears around your chosen location!

After setting it up, you don't even have to open the app to get these alerts.

Get this feature with a $1.99 monthly Price Alerts subscription, available inside ServoTrack.

Learn About Price Alerts

Start saving today.

* NSW data sourced using FuelCheck Data from the NSW Government.
* QLD data sourced from Fuel Prices Queensland (State of Queensland).
* WA data sourced from FuelWatch WA.

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